Kieninger - 1711-41-01

Kieninger - 1711-41-01

Splendid clock.

1.Cherrish finish

2.Antique walnut ref.1711-23-01

3.Black finish ref.1711-96-01

4.Black finish and crohme movement ref.1711-96-02

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US$ 4,999.00

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Kieninger design: Sophisticated mantel clock in cherry finish with a completely round base shape. A curved bevelled front glas which can be opened by turning it around the clock and the dome glas top allow a view of the polished bell chime, open silver plated Roman dial ring 20 cm shows the clock movement, hand-milled Breguet-style hands.

Dimensions:39 x 28 (Ø) cm

Mechanical clock

Melodies Westminster, St Michael, Whittington

Automatic night time shut-off

Made in Germany

Warranty 7 years